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Do Cats like Plushies?

Cats love to play with toys.  They do this to fulfill their hunting and curios instincts.  They will even play with common household objects like cardboard boxes, hairbows, shoestrings, or even clothes hangers!  They might even love stuffed animals! 


Not all cats will take to a stuffed animal.  They are just like people in that they each have their own personality and will play with different things.  Of the cats that do like to play with a plushie friend, they typically like to pack it around as if a prize from a successful hunt.  Even better if the toy has a tail and legs similar to the mice and small rodents they would attack in the wild.


Cats aren’t all vicious predators though, they also like to cuddle!  A stuffed animal makes a great substitute for their owner or another feline friend.  Cats typically snuggle for warmth, safety, and to bond.  Of course warmth is very attractive to cats as they love finding sunny spots to laze in.  A snuggle partner like a plush toy will keep them nice and cozy.  The safety aspect of a cuddle goes back to the kitten days.  Kittens all snuggle together when they are young for warmth and protection.  They keep up this behavior all throughout their life.  That’s part of the reason they lay in laps, but it can also mean a cat is bonding with that human.  They want to show love and affection for all their owners do and snuggling is the perfect way to display this emotion.


As mentioned, not all cats will love stuffed animals, but here are some tips to get your cat to love their new plush friend:


  • Give the toy your scent.  Plush toys hold smells very well.  Cats have very good noses and will respond to certain scents, especially their owners.  Rub the stuffed animal on your hair or the back of your neck so that your smell will transfer.  You can also wrap it up overnight in some of your worn clothing.  Even the cat’s own scent can be appealing.  If your cat has a blanket or place they love to nap, leave the toy there for a while and even rub it around. 
  • Catnip!  Another favorite scent of cats is catnip!  Sprinkle some catnip on the toy and watch your cat go crazy attacking it.
  • Choose the correct size.  You shouldn’t buy an overly large toy for your cat.  It should be something they can pack around in their mouth easily.  Something close to the size of their head.  If you have a kitten, something about the same size or a little bit bigger than the cat is preferable.  It will further strengthen the bond between kitten and toy as it will almost be like a surrogate mother or littermate.
  • Play with the toy.  Cats are curious and pay attention to their owners.  If they see you doing something, they’ll want to know what it is you’re up to.  Playing with the toy yourself encourages your pet to do the same.
  • Don’t force it.  Despite our best efforts and all the money spent, sometimes cats would just rather sit in the box the toy came in.  It’s all part of their individual personalities.  Don’t force your cat to play with something they don’t want to.  If your cat doesn’t like the stuffed animal despite you trying out all these tips, go for a different toy until you find something they like.

  • Does your cat have a favorite stuffed animal?  Tell us about it in the comments below!


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