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Headcrab Plush + Hat

Headcrab Plush + Hat

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"He only wants to play. And cuddle."

Normally, theses pesky parasites jump right into their victim's faces, incorporating parts of their biological workings with the motor cortex of the host's nervous system (well, they only want to play!).

Lovely!! Of course, these plush headcrabs are able to do that, too, and have the appropriate opening on their underparts – only, they don't want to! They only want to play and cuddle...


Thanks to Dr. Kleiner's field test with his female headcrab "Hedy Lamarr", we've been able to ensure these guys are safe (we castrated all of them just to be sure!), and now the headcrabs in our warehouse are all (well, mostly) lovely, kind monsters.

So don't worry, no biting their victims and mutating them into slowly walking zombies-like beings.

They've got a new mission now: They want to cuddle (though not to death, we hope!). They only want to play ;)

Material: Polyester
Height: 6" / 15cm tall (plush)

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